• Stanislav Rusz posted an update 5 years, 3 months ago

    Significant success of the scientific team of prof. Stanislav Rusz
    from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Technology
    Professor Stanislav Rusz with his scientific team:
    doc. Lubomir Čižek, Ing. Ondřej Hilšer, Ing. Jiri Svec, Michal
    Salajka, Jan Kedroň, Stanislav Tylšar reached significant
    valued at two international world congresses.
    For their scientific work, they received a Gold Medal Award with Nicola Tesla’s Face in the field of inventions of the Belgrade Association of Inventors and Authors of Technical Improvements. And more in the international science salon “Archimed 2018” in Moscow, they received 2 silver medals for a significant
    publications and 2 award-winners from Inventor Agency for Promotion
    Ltd Poland. For their scientific activity and further visibility
    our universities at international level are a big thank you.