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    International Scientific Conference KONTECH 2016 (Poland)
    Very interesting international scientific conference KONTECH 2016 Mierzecin
    September 21 to 23

    Main topics: Advanced engineering materials and investigation of them
    – Influence of the forming tool parameters on the grain refinement in non-ferrous metals by SPD proces
    – Modern methods and equipment for optical process control of plasma processes
    – Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging research: New generation of high resolution acoustical imaging technique for material characterization and NDT in automotive and aircraft manufacturing
    – Modeling as a tool for understanding and improvement of Spark Plasma Sintering technique
    – Development of a new WC-CrFe cemented carbide processed by field-assisted sintering techniques
    – Advanced powder forging and sintering technologies of components manufacturing
    – Helical-wedge rolling
    – Estimation of deformability and weldability of high-alloyed AlMg alloys in extrusion proces
    – Strength properties of extruded profiles made of AlMg alloys