• Stanislav Rusz posted an update 6 years, 10 months ago

    In the days 08th 09th-12th 09th 2015, I attended an international scientific conference
    IN-TECH2015 in Dubrovnik.The goal of my participation was the presentation of project results achieved so far wider international scientific community. A poster and also their own presentations were presented results of experiments on low-carbon steels and alloys, non-ferrous metals. They were conducted negotiations with interested significant scientific expertise in metal forming technologies – prof. Tomaz Pepelnjakem, Universityof Ljubljana, prof. Zlatan Carey, University of Rijeka, Professor Tatjana Zrimec, University of New South Wales in Sydney, prof. Nicholas Huba and Dr. Pavol Bisták, STU Bratislava and prof. Emil Evin TU Košice.
    Presented a new forming method for the manufacture of materials with ultra-fine grain structure was widely discussed at the informal personal meetings. Prof. Pepelnjak and prof. Car suggested the possibility of creating an international team for the submission of a European project focusing on the further development of this technology and its application in industry. It would be a greater involvement with this new forming method in countries such as Slovenia, Austria and Slovakia. They were discussed preliminary points of a possible project proposal in terms of themes solved during a personal meeting were discussed possibilities of laboratory equipment of individual universities and their use in the processing of the project proposal.